Materials for Direct Mailing

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Hi everyone, as I get off market properties I am going to need to send out direct mail to these people, so I wanted to do yellow letters since it's cheaper I'm just starting out and learning. What are the exact materials I should get to do this effectively? Where do I buy loose yellow paper, I can't find it anywhere, all I find is the writing pads. Also should I just buy a whole bunch of stamps from the post office? And I was told to buy small envelopes so it doesn't look like business, where would I buy this and what size should I get? Sorry if this sounds stupid but I'm just a beginner and what to know what you guys get for direct mailing and where you get it from. Also I want to be doing this all by myself to keep costs low, I don't want to pay a company to do it. Please help me out, thanks!

If you are getting off market properties.  Odds are that your list isn't big.  So it should be manageable so that you can do the direct mail.  

*Materials needed:  yellow pad of paper (lined or not), ink pen(red or black), live stamps, envelope(invitations style preferably)

*This items are available almost anywhere: Target, Staples, Office Max etc

*Buy the Forever stamps in a roll of 100 from the post office.

The paper can be loose or on a pad, doesn't matter................good luck

Michael Kantar I got postcards made and have been mailing them out! Super cost effective.

@Account Closed Yeah it runs me about 40 cents per mailing (postcard and stamp), which is a lot cheaper than a stamp for regular letters! Once I know that those addresses are accurate, I'll upgrade to actual letters.