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Hi everyone, as I am getting ready to start sending out yellow letter I have a couple of questions.

If I don't have good handwriting would it really have a negative effect on my results, I was going to hand write all of the letters.

What should I write in the letter, is there a script I should follow?

Should I get a google voice number so when people call they don't call my real number? And should I make a voicemail so if I can't pick up they will still know something about me, and if I were to make a voicemail what should I say? Or does google voice not allow you to make a voicemail (I'm not sure because I've never used it before).

And if I can pick up the phone should I follow a script, what should I say in that script?

Hey Michael,

#1 it has to be readable or you are wasting time and money.

#2 I believe there are scripts to model from here on bp. Try searching the site. This will give you a starting point. Make sure you are comfortable with the script and make it your own so you will sound more natural even if you end up reading it. Try not to read it!

#3 yes it is good to have a separate number with voice mail. Scripts already covered. Live calls are best but make sure to call back if you cannot answere live.

#4 there have been a couple of posts on this so search bp. Biggest thing is speaking to the actual decision maker and if motivated set an appointment to buy the property.

Good luck

#1 I prefer that my letters are written with imperfect handwriting.  Of course, it should be legible.  

#2 Say that you are interested in buying the house, pay cash, close quickly.  Put it in your own words

#3 An answering phone service is a good idea if you can't or don't want to take the calls.  There are many to choose from.  

#4 A script is a good guideline.  Don't worry if you don't follow it word for word.  Don't worry if you miss something.  Most importantly, establish rapport, find out why they are selling and ask about the house(repairs etc.)

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