Getting started in Wholesaling

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Hello BiggerPockets family, I am currently an inspiring entrepreneur living in Indiana trying to get started in wholesaling. I have a friend who’s having trouble selling his house and is really wanting to get it out of his hair. I told him that I wanted to help, and he agreed. My question to you is one who’s answer seems so simple but seems to be eluding me. Where can I get a legit and acceptable contract to put the house under contract? I’ve been educating myself on wholesaling for a while now so everything else seems to be pretty self explanatory. But if you feel as if I’m missing something or just have anything else to add on how to get started please don’t hesitate to tell me. Thank you and have beautiful day!

Do you want to put it under contract with no intention of purchasing? This is known as FRAUD BY INDUCEMENT. The problem with the gurus is they teach this garbage with no care as to how a seller may be harmed.