Typical "profile" of a Cash Buyer (lifestyle, career, age.. etc)

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Hi BP community.

I'm new to wholesaling and wanted to understand what a typical cash buyer is like.

Everything from their:

Age range
Family Size
Areas they live in
How you met them

Anything - heck if you know anything about a typical cash buyer.

Thank you

This will vary a Ton. You could have a cash buyer who simply uses his own money and is a high income earner or someone who uses a mix of personal money and hard money. Technically both would be cash buyers

Do this but for sellers, focus on the deal

@Jessey Kwong   The average cash buyer is older than the average financed buyer.  Of course... that is not saying much.  In the United States, one of the best ways to meet some of them is at foreclosure auctions.  

@Jessey Kwong

The average cash buyer is mostly older. To be honest, it depends on your market. I know in Vancouver (Canuck here) different areas of the market are targeted by different demographics. You have the mainland Chinese, HK-folks, Indians, and older Vancouverites that can all have their niche or preferred area(s) of the city.

You can look into buying lists to get you started. Your best bet is to talk to local wholesalers (don't know how aggressive Canadians are in this area) to get a better idea. 

'Average'................I doubt that there is one.

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