New wholesaler, how to get better with ARV, and leads.

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Im a new wholesaler in the Greater Kansas City area and wanted to know if anyone had advice on how to get more lead. Different tactics and strategies that help a person stand out? I would appreciate it.

Thanks that lets me know Im on the right track. I like the flipman

Hey De Andre, 

There are a number of cheap and free lead acquisition strategies you can start with:

1. Word of mouth - Be sure to tell your friends, family, colleagues and everyone you meet what you're doing.  You might be surprised at how many people in your existing network are aware of someone that may be a motivated seller.

2. Social media - Utilize your existing online presence to reach out to folks who may be looking to sell their property privately.

3. Website - There are a several free website creation and hosting sites.  Try creating a quick and easy one page website marketing your services.  Be sure to tell people how to contact you, a "contact me" widget that collects names, numbers, and emails is easy to set up.  This information can be automatically forwarded to your email address.  You should also give a number for people to call, I recommend setting up and using a vanity number through a VOIP service.  Personally, I don't feel comfortable giving out my personal number to everyone on the internet.

4. Craigslist Ads - You need to drive traffic to your website.  A Craigslist ad is a great way to market your services in your local area and drive traffic to your site.

Of course there are always the old school methods such as cold calling and driving, or walking, for dollars.  These methods include finding distressed homes in your local market and knocking on the door or tracking down the owners phone number.

My advice would be to create a script of information you need to gather from your leads so you are able to appropriately analyze the deal.  This way you're prepared to talk with motivated sellers when they contact you.  When that first phone call comes it is easy to get excited and forget to ask for pertinent information. 

Here is a link of some good questions to start with:

Best of luck!

Thanks for the input I will definitely try it

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