What To Say Motivated Sellers When They Call You?

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I've been working on writing my script for when I receive calls from my leads. 

What are key points I must address over the phone? What questions do you usually ask your motivated sellers before closing the deal?

@Felipe Silva no need to start from scratch with a Seller script. There's plenty of examples here in the documents section of Bigger Pockets. The things I typically ask about though are

  • What's the situation? What would cause you to consider selling?
  • What's the condition of the house e.g. when is the last time you updated the kitchen, bathrooms, roof, etc.? 
  • What's their best asking price?

I hope it helps! 

I always concentrated on finding motivation first, if it's there continue the call, if not get off the phone. If there is motivation the only other important aspect to know before going to the house is if it can be a deal. They may be super motivated, but if ARV is 100k and they owe 150k, no need to continue that call. To know the ARV on the phone you need to know the basics, beds, baths, stories, basement, etc... You can ask about repairs needed but take it with a grain of salt because 99 times out of 100 they will be way off. Better to ask when was the last time it was updated.

If possible I would type in their address into google and look at the street view while on the phone, figure out a ballpark number I would likely offer based on what they have told me, and see if we're in the same area. A lot of times, you'll know that their house is only worth 70k ARV but they'll say they won't sell for less than 60k, you can't do anything with that so get off the phone. If they say they would consider selling for 50k, you're getting closer and imo that is worth looking at, and trying to negotiate in person after a walk through.

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