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Hi, I'm a new wholesaler and I'm interested in probate. How do I go about obtaining a probate list in LA county. It seems to be pretty difficult 

Some probate attorneys may provide you with a list for a fee however, be aware that many probate properties will be listed on MLS eventually.

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I use this free webpage for published probate filings in San Francisco and Sacramento counties:

To start go to "search" on top of the blue bar. For "County' select "Los Angeles" and for "Category" select "Probate" and "Probate Notices".

For "Newspaper" select "Los Angeles Daily Journal" and "Daily Commerce".

"From" is the date range that you can change and go backwards 30-45-90 days from today.

I suggest you market to "In Pro-Per" filings. This is where the proposed PR (Personal Representative) is self-representing the estate. (Party without Attorney).

Remember that this is a "FREE" webpage. On the MLS there are those probate properties that are coming up for court-confirmation (probate auction) and your not going to find a deal. The estate wants the highest and best price for the property.

If you do want to bid on a property you'll have to bring your 10% deposit. Should you win and if you don't close escrow your going to lose your deposit.

But your still going to have to go the county courthouse and research each file. (Yes, I still research files at the Placer county court house).

Happy hunting...

@Mark Pedroza, Thank you! 

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