can start marketing wholesale deal before signing a contract

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I'm investing in Houston, TX (rehab and BRRRR) and I recently started wholesaling (1 deal) and I want to ask if it is okay to start marketing for wholesale deals before I sign a contract with the seller.

The aim is to guage how much investors are welling to pay and reflect that in the purchase price.


I am no expert but from my research...not legally. However bandit signs are not "legal" in my area and they are one of the top advertising methods..  I am curious to see the thoughts of others.

@Ayman Elmasik what you can do is bring one of your potential buyers by the property and have them look at it and make you an offer on the property. Take that, subtract whatever fee you are looking to get & there is your contract price. Other than doing it that way, you shouldn't market a contract on a property that you haven't put under contract.