Preforeclosure leads vs Back property taxes leads

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As a newbie with no money , is it better to start finding leads with preforeclosure sellers vs back property taxes seller which one is easier and which is more motivated, i want wholesale because i have no money just dedication

@Raul Delacruz  - there are benefits and considerations of both preforeclosures versus back property taxes lists. In Georgia, its usually better to do preforeclosures over back taxes because back property taxes (i.e. tax liens sold at auction) have a 12-month redemption window so they tend to be less motivated. That being said, you don't need to have money to generate leads but it certainly helps. If you have no money, I'd start by networking with everyone you know to let them know how you can be of value to you. Systematize it. 

Second, I'd suggest finding someone with money to help you in executing your marketing. Maybe you can come up with an arrangement e.g. let you borrow $20,000 for marketing and they make 50% of the net profits for the first year. The other part of this is that all the marketing budget doesn't have to be upfront but I would encourage you to figure out everything you'd need money for and then probably add on a 30-50% buffer because there's going to be things you don't know about just yet.  

Being in the wholesaling business, really any business is about being resourceful. You have lots of assets sometimes you just have to search harder to find and leverage them for the economic benefit of your business. I hope it helps! 

Thank you for the information I appreciate it have a great day....

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