Virtual Assistant vs Call Center

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Hi everyone - I'm trying to determine which system makes more sense: having calls from seller leads come in to my VA or a call center. Has anyone had experience with both? Which would you recommend?

I'm also trying to determine whether I should indicate in my postcards to absentee owners that they can call my 24 hour automated voice message (in which case I'd have my VA call them back right away within a minute or two) OR if I should indicate that someone will definitely be there on the other end to pick up. I ask because I've heard that the 24 hour voice message technique apparently works well but I'm curious to see if any of you have actually had success with it.

@Dan Turkel   I have been using VAs for almost 4 years with great results,  My VAs knows my business and sometimes they can get a response right away,  just keep in mind to create a online training courses  for them  that will save you a lot of time in the future 

@Carlos Zapata do you use them for landloard business ? Such as help you screen the tenant etc?


Yes, they are really my assistant,  do cold calling, community manager, researching, 

@Dan Turkel   feel free to ask, It has been a learning experience but I have some free time now and my business is doing great,  Hope the best

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