Best County in Maryland?

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Hey guys my name is Kenny And I’m fairly new to REI. Just a curious thought. Which cities in Maryland you y’all think would be a good start out to market with bandit signs & direct mail?

If you are looking to wholesale, Id suggest PG county and DC east of the park. MoCo, Howard, NoVA will have a lot less oppurtunities due to mostly less honeowners in distress.

Thank you for your reply! I’ll definitely go get familiar with the market in PG. Like you said, I feel as if it has lots of potential.

@Kenny Kamdoum

Just to add on here, Cap Heights, District Heights, Hyatsville etc have all been worked pretty hard but there are still opportunities.  I have seen tons of activity picking up in Southern PG though.  Anything in Clinton is flying off the shelf, often site unseen.  Ft Washington and Accokeek are pretty strong but even further south in Charles county is really picking up.  La Plata, Waldorf, and even all the way out to Nanjemoy people are looking for rehabs.      

@Andrew Michael @Russell Brazil I often hear the BP crew say to travel at least an hour outside of where you are if the local markets aren't booming much. So since Im in Woodbridge I was also considering Fredricksburg to Richmond strip, Bowie/Annapolis area, and Warrenton/Gainsville area. Have you all had any luck in either of those part?

@Joshua Hill

I have actually had decent luck in Woodbrigde (not many deals there but the ones I've had have done well).  Just like on the Maryland side, people are being priced out of DC and the surrounding markets so naturally they are moving further out to more reasonable price points.  Woodbridge is on my radar as a potential up and coming market.  

I am not as familiar with VA so I can only speak on the few deals I have had there. In my opinion, Woodbridge would be a good place for you to start. You know the area so you have an advantage and you will have less competition than say PG (Bowie). If you are planning on doing some direct marketing I would throw a few Woodbridge zips in there and see what happens.

Once you start getting a lot of calls for potential deals, you do not want to be driving an hour for every property visit.  

Drive thru different areas , when you stop seeing bandit signs , you have found your place 

Thank you guys. Once I read this a couple days ago, I immediately started marketing in PG. that’s definitely the market that I will be focusing on moving forward.

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