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What is the best way to market??? I’d really like to get my phone to ring off the hook. Bandit signs, direct mailing, and if direct mailing is the most effective of the two, who should i be reaching out to? If i don’t have the funds to send using a company, can i do it by myself, and how?

@Adonijah De Lancy I'm not sure if there's a "best" way but it really kind of boils down to whether you have more time than money or money than time. It sounds like you have more time than money from your post above. There are lots of ways to generate leads and while I understand the desire to have your phone ring off the hook, that's more about activity (phone calls) than productivity (e.g. offers delivered/deals closed).

If you don't have a lot of money then you could actually focus on working your own network and making new connections in order to get deals done. You could also apprentice with an existing successful wholesaler or investor to see how things are done and to determine if you want to try and succeed within their system. You could also partner with someone who could pay for your marketing and maybe you give them part of the profits for a period of time while you're working to build your business.

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