Wholesalers in Seattle area??

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Where are you? I’m looking to connect with wholesalers so I can buy some properties for rehab and flip. How do you find wholesalers?

I second that. I would also like to connect with wholesalers in the Seattle area. Thanks for the post.

@Nathaniel Holcomb

@Kendal Keyes

You have to go out and find wholesalers; they're not going to come to you.  Meet-ups are the best place.  There's one tonight at the Orfeo restaurant in downtown Seattle at 7pm.

@Nathaniel Holcomb We just finished our first flip - a condo in Everett that we bought at auction. We made a little money, but I don't think auctions are the way to go (most of the time) in this market.

And thanks for the tip @Nghi Le . I can't make it tonight but I will check out that group in the future!

@Nghi is spot on, if a wholesaler sends you something out of the blue, it's because it didn't work for any of their normal buyers.

You need a relationship first, and then be at the top of their list when they get a deal.

Meet people at meetups, offer them lunch, and take it from there.

It's kind of like dating. The really good ones seem to be pre-occupied with someone else, but there's likely going to be a lot of misses and disappointments before you find someone amazing lol

thanks for the advice all. I found a Seattle wholesalers meetup group. I will try to make some connections there.

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