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I know there are many posts that ask the same question, but what are really the best ways to find wholesale leads? I'd appreciate detailed responses with personal results. To who do you market? How do you market to them? What is your response rate? If you market to different people (probate, tax-delinquent, pre-foreclosure) which market and strategy have you noticed to be most successful of those?

I'm new to REI and have decided that the best option given my situation is to start wholesaling until I'm financially able to expand into different areas. I'm willing to work for the wholesale leads but am not too sure in what matter I should market and what population I should focus on.

@Abby Pollack you are going to have to test market and see what works best for you and your market. Bandit signs are essentially little to no cost, postcards are inexpensive, a sing for your call will be very cheap, setting up a website is also inexpensive. I think you have hit the nail on the head about where do you start but you have to start somewhere. I would use the cheapest advertising first and try some target mailers to estates, or people that are behind on their taxes or out of state landlords. You need to start something. Planning is important but nothing will substitute taking some action an learning from it. Good luck to you

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