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I am new to the Wholesaling business. I reside in Las Vegas. I heard from a couple of people in a current FB group that doing wholesaling is legal in Las Vegas. I don't have my RE license.  So, I'd be finding the cash buyers and assigning the contract to them. 

My questions are: 

1.) What terminology do we use when sending out mailers, or talking to potential homeowners for assigning their home w/ a cash buyer?  

2.) When Googling the NRS codes for wholesaling in Vegas I didn't see anything come up pertaining to that. Can someone please, please clarify if that's accurate?  

3.) Any recommendations for a newbie also welcomed. Thanks again! 

Hi @Adam Martin ...Welcome to the investing game & BP!

For the sale of time and so I don't have to write a are the answers your looking for.

1)  Best to let folks know that you "buy cash & close quick...any condition or any area."

2)  Without looking into NRS, it best to know that any contract is assignable in NV.  That means you can wholesale all day long as it is plenty legal.  There are some title companies that no longer facilitate assignment deals and there is some considerations that you have to keep into account with the NV Real Estate Division; but all in all...wholesaling properties is legal.

3)  I'm happy to sit down with you to help point you in the right direction. I run the largest real estate investor meeting in town and work have a large network and some resources that you can plug into.  Text me at my number below and we can schedule time to connect in early as this weekend depending on your availability.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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