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Good Afternoon

Let me first start by saying im a first time investor and have begin dipping my feet in to the investment world, I purchased a property near a college that the numbers seem to work and would make a good student rental, I thought that purchasing the home with cash and free and clear would be a good option and to work the refinance for the repairs and upgrade to the home, its not going to take much but there in lies the rub! I'm having a hard time getting the funds because of the small amount (sub 50000) actually it 30000k. I fastly learning that I should did a little more research into the lending process before making the commitment. But my question is are there any lenders that lends for small amount such as this? Any positive feed back would be nice and thanks in advance!

Rodney, the Bigger Pockets Market place has answers for you regarding financing options.  Just can outline the matter this forum