So...I have a question about internet marketing for wholesaling. I’ve been reading a lot and just starting out with wholesaling. I’ve been listening to/reading a lot of Sean Terry’s stuff and other wholesalers on it. Sean Terry says that he created a website for wholesaling to get motivated seller leads along with an email marketing program, I think. From what I’ve read, he uses Adwords to guide traffic to his site where he’ll have a form in which the person enters his/her email address. Then, after submitting, it redirects that person to his email marketing site to capture certain info to decide whether or not it’s a good lead to call or such as: property square footage, how much the person owes, and contact info. I created all that and started using AdWords the last few days. I know it’s only been a few days, but how long should I expect to get a actual lead or how many? More so, I was just wondering whether anybody had any advice on this or not. I’m always looking to improve. Thanks.