Wholesalers stories of marketing to get your 1st deal please

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@Jerryll Noorden did you do absentee owners or high equity or both what strategy of sellers did you target

 I did the inheritance list from Lance and Terri US lead list

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@Jerryll Noorden Did you do a double escrow so that the buyer wouldn’t see how much the property was originally selling for?

 No, I told the seller how much I was making!

She ha a Delorean in her garage. Was awesome. 

It's difficult for me to tell you what to do regarding marketing.  There are many variables such as how much time do you have, how much money can you commit to marketing etc.  You may simply start with one strategy such as direct mail to absentee owners.  Track your results.  Do it consistently.  If it's getting results stay with it.  If not, change direction.