Hello. I’m new here. I’m going to be honest and say that I am unemployed. For those that know, on auction.com, to bid you must make a bidding deposit of $2,500 to bid. I was going to invest and do a project with 2 friends/investors but they’re getting cold feet it seems. My plan was to use a hard money loan and still is. My plan was for one of my co-investors to do the bidding deposit and earnest money deposit, and get a hard money loan for it to close with a proof of funds letter from them. I in the mean time collected a list of cash buyers from bandit signs/craigslist. I contacted some to see if they were interested in the areas where we would get the potential property. One of my questions, instead of taking a hard money loan, what if during escrow I find someone who is interested in buying the property. Can I wholesale it to him and what is the process if i can? Or can I close the deal with a hard money loan then sell it as is to one of those cash investors right away?  Thanks!