Signing a Contract to Buy a Property Off the MLS in PA

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I just had an offer for $65k accepted on a property in Philadelphia. The realtor has sent me the contract to look over before I sign anything. I honestly have no idea if the contract looks the way it should (other than the fact that the realtor hasn't written and/or assigns on there correctly, which I will talk to her about). But I also need to know if everything else looks good! 😰 So now I have the realtor and the seller waiting on my response but I refuse to move forward until I know for sure I have the contract set up correctly. Is there anyone in PA who would be willing to look over the contract with me to be sure its a contract that I should be signing? Thanks in advance. I'm literally kinda stuck rn 😂

@Khenan Newton   if it's an agent, the contract will most likely be the standard purchase and sales agreement for your state.  Generally there are assignable unless it states otherwise.  However, investing $100-$200 for an attorney to review it would be a good investment.

Good luck and keep us posted!

- Tom