I am looking to start in wholesale real estate ?

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I am in the Chicago area and looking to get into wholesale real estate . I would love to maybe have a mentor to guide me threw my first couple of deals. Any advice or suggestions on how to start ?

@Corey Nichols Stay in the forums, start asking questions, pick up a few books on the subject and get plugged in. I think that’s the first step to set you up for success. Many new investors burnout beucase of the wrong foundation and lack of knowledge. Goodluck. 

@Corey Nichols Welcome to BP! There is so much information here and so many knowledgable people that post in the forums, there are blog topics and podcasts and books etc. No matter what information you are looking for, you should be able to find it here!

Corey, wholesaling is so very exciting...linking buyers and sellers, but it can be equally challenging...follow Daray and Lydia's advice...DEFINITELY listen to the podcasts and books...if you can afford it become a PRO member, so you can go back to all of the older webinars...they are invaluable...welcome to the family!!