Looking to see what closing cost estimates are in GA

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Hey guys I am looking to wholesale a deal soon using transactional funding, the house is worth 185000 and is being sold for 140000. Can someone give me a closing cost estimate in Gwinnett county ga or surrounding counties.

@Anthony Bibbins

It is easier to look at a settlement statement from a friend or family or fellow investor.  That gives the various costs in the transaction.  

Normally if you call the county; they can give the cost of transfer taxes.  There is owner title costs; it is range based on the sale price.  Usually about $500 cost for title company to do the transaction.  It can be reduced based on your volume.  This can be split between buyer and seller as well.  Other fees like recording fees, chain of title fees etc.

Rough estimate could be $3500 on the size of transaction you have.

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