Tax Deliquent List Orlando, Florida??

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My Name is Karlton, and I have been Wholesaling for about 9 months. I have done one deal so far from a Driving For Dollars Lead. I Want to expand on the list I am able to call. I love to call but need more numbers. I live here in Orlando, Florida and I want to obtain the Tax Deliquent list. Where do I go? I have heard you can go to the Courthouse or County but I am not sure? Also what other list can I obtain from the County?

Download the tax roll from the link, its a CSV. As for the code violations, exercise your google skills and see if you can find it online. If you cant, call the code enforcement department and they will assist you.

Originally posted by @Karlton Durry :

Ok will do. I have downloaded the list it is very big. So since there are no actual addresses I will have to use parcel numbers?

 Yeah if there is no property address in the CSV you would have to look it up using the parcel id. Unfortunately this is quite time consuming if you are doing it by hand for a large number of properties.  

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