Any Investor-Friendly Title/Escrow Companies In Chattanooga (TN)

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Hi fellow BP members! 

Looking to take my wholesaling business virtually into the Tennessee area. I have had some success here in my local Los Angeles market but with the high price points and the inconsistency in deals I am looking to venture into a new market. Does anyone have any title/escrow companies that they could refer that are wholesale friendly? I have already reached out to RELI and they are not taking on new clients till mid august. I appreciate any insight and feedback. 

I've closed with Title Guaranty & Trust (downtown).  Use Leslie Spearman.  Not always easy to get a hold of but does great work and has saved my bacon.  As a caveat, I don't wholesale but I did buy an wholesale apartment building a year and half ago and they paid the assignment fee off the closing statement.  

@Jonathan Messri Welcome to the area! I can also vouch for Title Guaranty and Trust downtown, nearly everyone in my brokerage has been using them for years and I have never heard of an issue. If you need anything else I'd love to be your boots on the ground in Chattanooga. I am an active agent and I know the area very well, including block by block knowledge of the famed Highland Park area that is booming right now. 

As an update to this thread.. as of today April 27th 2021 they are no longer doing wholesale closings or what they refer to "Investor Friendly" closings.  I would assume it is due to pure volume they are seeing at the moment.

Hope this helps anyone else looking!