What Are Investors Looking For?

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Hi everyone, My name is Jason Rice and I'm new to the REI scene. I've done plenty of research on wholesaling but theres one thing that isn't clear and that's what do investors (In the los Angeles market) want. If an investor see's a craigslist ad what details do they want to see? When assigning contracts what is the general maximum fee (I understand it varies depending on profit margin). How much do investors want to profit from wholesale deals, etc.

@Jason Rice Best way to find out this answer is to contact an actual buyer. You can find that person by going on Zillow and filtering the options to just sold properties and go through the county records to see if an LLC bought it or if it was a low priced sell. Mostly those lower numbers have sold cash and you that can be your cash buyer. When you get them on the phone, then you can ask that exact same question that you are asking on here. With that information, you can go out and look for properties for that exact buyer