How do you find wholesale deals

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@Harold Smith You are going to get a lot of different answers on this. One of my methods I use to find deals is by networking and letting people know that I flip houses. When you have people within the community looking for you, it makes the job a whole lot easier. But if you are just getting started, this is going to be difficult at first. You can always start off by looking on Craigslist, zillow,,, These sites have been out for a while but they still have sellers on there and you can use these sites as practice for when you do start to catch traction. PM me if you have any other questions. 


Here are some great ways to find deals: 

1) Drive for dollars. (Doesn't cost much) 

2) Direct Mail. (More expensive, but can be effective) 

3) Divorce, death, and code of enforcement lists. (Great source of deals. You can usually get these from the county assessors office or court house)

4) Network. (Let people know your looking for deals) 

5) Craigslist. 

6) Facebook marketplace. 

All these are great strategies for finding wholesale deals, or even flips. Stick with one or two and focus on these strategies and you'll start finding deals. 

P.S There are already so many in depth articles about this subject. Take the time to search BP and you'll find everything you need.

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Sure sure, all OK answers.

But do you want the BEST way to find deals?

Well ma boy hold on and start to get excited.

You get a website.

You make the website fanfreeekingtastic.

When you do, this will happen:

When THAT happens...

this will happen:

And when that happens:

this happens, regularly:

The end.

Is there a better way?

No, there is not.

I spend NO money on my leads!

(Honestly it is BEYOND ME that no one mentioned a website.) seriously...