Yard Signs or “Bandit Signs?“ Tips or Suggestions

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I’m looking to start marketing in Passaic County and Bergen County north New Jersey. One option I’m considering is bandit signs. Does anyone have any experience with these? Any tips tricks suggestions specific to these counties?

And, you are damaging your credibility. You want people the see you favorably. Bandit signs just pisses people off. I wouldn't do them.

See what we do is put up HUGE yard signs when we buy a house. I mean HUGE banners. It is localized branding. That is fine, (although you can still get in trouble). Often people knock at the door and are so interested in "a flip"

"ohh really? Just like on TV? Wow"

all the time.

That is awesome word of mouth marketing. They tell their friends and they pass by and then their friends pass by. Some times they even bring a dog. Oh happy day!