I found a property while driving for dollars last night. I took notice of the condemned signs slapped on all the windows.

It's to my understanding that condemned homes have the possibility of being demolished by the city , however this home was condemned for having to many people in the home (see attached photo)

I'm interested in making the owner an offer but I can't seem to find info on whole selling a condemned property. Is it the same process as a vacant home ?

I've also done some due diligence found the name on the property but can't seem to find a number without skip tracing , although I found out where the owner is currently living. The question is , is a condemned property worth it if I can get the right deal ? Also is there anyway I can find out if this home is on the verge of being demolished or about to enter some sort of tax auction? 

PS. I'm new to the whole sale life so all answers are greatly appreciated