wholesaler which is the best direct mailing services

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Hey BP, I am newbie wholesaler and I need your advice on the BEST services to use for my path in wholesaling.

1: Direct Mail List (pull the list)

2: Direct Mailing Services (mail letters out to the list)

3: Skip Trace services (find owners)

4: Co Calling (make calls)

5: Buyers List (Investers)

6: Anything else I need to execute wholesaling

Thanks in advance

@Tony Shiwprashad Listsource is a great site that I recommend for pulling lists. BatchSkipTracing is a great skip tracing service you could look into. In order to ensure success, you must be consistent with your marketing efforts. Create a mailing schedule and stick to it. You could also consider driving for dollars to find other off-market properties. 

Good luck!