Lots of tax delinquent properties owned by an LLC

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I found a ton of motivated sellers, or at least I thought I did. I started looking at some of the property information, and I have found a company, "Gaurdian Tax LLC" appears to be the owner of these properties. Some are residential, others are commercial. It looks as though this business purchases liens, so I am wondering, if I am still able to buy the properties, and if there will be any additional fees, IE, paying all the excess back taxes?

Sounds like an investment company of some sort.  I would call them and also call the county to ask about them just to be sure.

I know that you can purchase tax liens where you pay the taxes, and the owner has to pay you back with interest, or you can eventually foreclose on the property.  Now, if this company purchased the tax liens, I wouldn't think the taxes would still be delinquent.  And, I wouldn't expect the property to be in their name if the liens weren't ultimately satisfied.  Maybe this company purchased the properties from the previous owners without settling the back taxes, but I wouldn't think that would be possible.

Sooooooo.... I would call and start asking questions.  The ones who will know are the county and the company itself.