How hard is it to Find Multi-plexes in Downtown San Antonio ?

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How hard is it to find good deals on triplexes & 4-plexes in San Antonio's Downtown, Eastside area? What does a typical BRRRR deal look like in that area as it pertains to Triplexes or 4-plexes?

@NIc Green I have brrrr’d a lot of SFRs but not as many multis. I think most of what you will find will be older homes that have been split up. If properly renovated, it’s not a problem.

The neighborhoods change a lot in that area from block to block and I would recommend familiarizing yourself with the area to be fully aware of the class of property and neighborhood you are buying. Maybe do some google earth “drives” through areas you like.

I don’t feel like SA has as many small multis as some cities. At least in terms of structures originally built as 3 - 4 plexes.

It’s not my area of expertise but hopefully some of the downtown and east side experts will chime in here.

Best of luck.

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