Wholesaling Knoxville Tennessee

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Hi there! My husband and I are new to the wholesaling Avenue. We have relocated recently to the outskirts of Knoxville Tennessee. Does anyone have any tips for this area or any local resources? We just need someone friendly and kind to share some tips with us to get the ball rolling! Thank you in advance!!!

Hi @Adia Caple-Woods ,

Probably the best two local resources for info are the local REIA and the local BiggerPockets meetups. The local REIA is run by @Victor Jernigan and they meet at least once a month. They usually meet on the second Tuesday of every month and have a pretty good variance on the topics covered. The BiggerPockets meetings are hosted by @Derek Tellier , which is more of networking event rather than a classroom style education session. Both of them would be great to attending if you are looking to get started in the area. I've slacked off recently in attending but, I am making it a point to go whenever my schedule permits. Hope to see you there!