First Property Appointment

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I set an appointment with a home owner , who happened to be an investor.Being that my first call was another investor I kind of was caught off guard. He seemed to be honest with me and recommended it'd be better for a rental vs a fix and flip. Which the area is really nice for rentals so i agree , but i'm a little lost or maybe still in shock on how to proceed. I original wanted to wholesale the property, but i still booked an appointment to view the house in the next couple of days. Any advice 😅

Who cares what the seller thinks. It's your investment and plan of attack after the purchase. Do you want to be a landlord or flipper? What do other comparable properties look like? 

I wouldn't even talk about the price unless they bring it up. Get them talking about life, ask questions, and be a listener. Figure out the motivation for selling. Sounds like you're working an off-market deal. Good luck man!