Maryland Wholesale first deal

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What contracts do I need kn order to complete my first wholesale deal as far as my end. Does anyone have the contracts for Maryland for wholesale of properties so I can get this deal done. Thanks any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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@Alan C. My friend selling his house and I have a buyer telling me that he will give me 10% but last time I did something like that I didn't get my money at closing. What should and can I do as a wholesaler position to make sure I get what I was promised

@S Cutsail you need to contact a real estate attorney to make sure you are in compliance and not violating any laws. They will also explain the process and can provide you with a purchase contract to use with the seller and an assignment contract to use with buyer.

@S Cutsail there are contracts under the tools tab in the "FilePlace".  Many of these are not well written, use at your own risk. It is worth the time to study contracts so that you can understand them.

You may want to have a good real estate attorney draw one up for you, or at least review what you intend to use. 

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