What can I expect repair cost to be for house vacant 10 years?

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@Dana Burns Repair cost is kind of a big deal. I would definitely suggest you take a lot of pics when you see the property or if you have enough time arrange for a contractor to come with you so he can walk the property and talk to you about what repairs are needed.

@Dana Burns I really think that it depends on the area/market that the property is located. If I'd is a D neighborhood, then you won't be turning it into a house that belongs in A neighborhood. Or the opposite. It will also depend on the most recent updates to the bigger ticket items (roof, furnace, windows) If it has been vacant for ten years, I would imagine that they would all need to be updated. That would be quite costly. Also, if the roof has been leaking and the house has experienced water damages for consistent years, there could be serious structural issues. I would be very careful. Even walking the property could be dangerous. There will be a pretty great chance that someone/something has been living in it for sometime and there will be ample damages from that.

I suggest paying for a home inspection before you even talk to a contractor. This will make it easier to get a ballpark estimate from a contractor, without them even having to visit the property.

Be safe, be smart, be patient,

And best of luck to you.


I would say plumbing, electrical, new kitchen all new bathrooms, new paint, probably new flooring (if you are in  place where it snows).

I would honestly count on a full gut