Real estate wholesaling

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@Brock Harris Ok. Thats a very common statement here. My question to you is this: How are you compensating the mentor? How many days do you go to work for 8 hours in exchange for no money (or other value)?

Lots of people come here and say they want a mentor. They want someone to take the time to teach them everything they need to know. But they never offer anything of value to the person doing the mentoring. Which, in my opinion, is selfish and disrespectful to the mentor. So I ask you, what value are you bringing to a mentor in exchange for them mentoring you? Getting something for nothing is a myth.

@Brock Harris  

Welcome to BP. As @Lydia T. pointed out, your post comes across as very passive or even unthoughtful. 

What part of Memphis? 

What kind of deals (SFRs, Storage units deals, Mobile parks)? 

What is your definition of a good deal? 

What is the outcome when someone tells you "their version" of a deal (that is if they figure out all the questions above)? 

Do you get the point? 

Try to spend a good amount of time to get up to speed with REI via disciplined self-study, podcasts, books, going to REIAs etc.

Being new to a topic is exciting; however, being passive can make an exciting find boring