Where to get probate list in Utah Davis County

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I have been to Utah Davis County Courthouse for the Probate Estate List but it seemed that non of them understand the probate list issue. I met the probate clerk but she gave me a website to search for, which leads me directly to a probate attorney. 

That is because their is no probate list at the hall of records or courthouse. You need to contact attorneys who are handling the probate(s) and that is very difficult to do. Trying to buy through probate is super difficult and seldom pans out. Do a lot of research on the internet for the pros and cons.

There are hundreds of ways to buy properties i.e. foreclosures, short sales, probates, etc., but some things are not worth putting a lot of work and time into and if one comes along, then great! Focus on more of a sure thing i.e. live foreclosure auctions at auction.com rather than waiting 1 to 3 years to see what happens with a probate sale and someone else purchased the property.

Tax auctions are difficult to get a good deal at and most buyers at tax auctions pay 10% to 20% more than the ARV even when the properties are thrashed and need $100k for rehabbing. I met homeowners who wanted their properties to go to the auction because they knew their houses would sell for more than the regular market and they get the overage.

Have you tried utcourts.gov?  The court calendar section shows upcoming cases for the next 2 weeks, updated daily.  Davis County does not have as many other online resources as the surrounding ones. Good luck.

I don't think you go to court to purchase a probate. I think the probate is handled by an attorney and the relatives battle it out over who gets what. When (after) the relatives' attorney have settled for what each person gets the decision is brought before a judge for final approval. If there are outside persons who want the property you don't get to argue or make bids in court. I purchase two properties from probate sales about 45 years ago and the only thing I did was make an offer through a real estate agent and wait 2 to 3 years. I gave two large deposits for two other probate sales, waited about 3 years and I did not get the properties.