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@Pamela VanBuren,

I'm not a big fan on scripts, so sorry if this isn't helpful.  (Of course, I would start with a Google search).

I always focus on the person I'm contacting.  I really do want to help them with whatever situation they're in.  It's all about connecting with and helping them.  In a probate situation, if you're talking to family, you should be respectful and courteous and come at it from a perspective of service.  Of course, that's true for anyone.  If it's an attorney, you're likely to be a little more direct, but still respectful and courteous, with some focus on helping out the ones who are inheriting the property.

Other than that, I think you still need to do the same things.  You need to first determine if they want your services.  Are they motivated to move quickly, or would they rather take their time to get a better price?

@Pamela VanBuren First of all, scripts suck. Why? Because they sound scripted! When was the last time you got one of those annoying robocalls and actually listened to the whole thing? Exactly! Second, some of those people shouldnt be on your list to call in the first place. I am assuming you are asking this because you plan on using probate leads. You should be speaking with the executor of the estate or relatives of the deceased and simply asking if they are interested in selling the property. Dont address the probate at all because thats incredibly invasive. Dont over think this. You are just calling and having a conversation. They will either be interested in selling or not. Simple.

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@Pamela VanBuren

The majority of investors mistakenly believe that the probate attorney represents the estate, when in fact, the attorney represents the executor (will) or administrator (no will) hence the personal representative (PR).

The PR represents the interest of the estate and the attorney represents represents the interest of the Personal Representative. 

So, your point of contact is going to be the personal representative and to find their motivation to sell...