Formatting Tax Delinquent List

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Hi everyone!  Very new to wholesaling, and I just received my tax delinquent list.  Being new and naive, I got this list in .txt format.  I tried to convert it to a .csv through google, but it just didn't come out right at all.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  The list has 1000s of addresses, so I would assume paying someone to do this manually would cost a lot of money and take a lot of time.  Thanks in advance!

Hi @Patrick Donovan ,

Good job getting the data.

Data is my middle name, and I couldn't answer that question without seeing the data.  It's possible you could still import it into Excel, as it is very good for doing that.  I would try that by experimenting with the different options.

Assuming you're using Excel (I'm using the latest), you could select the menus Data, Get Data, From File, From Text/CSV (there might be a shortcut on the toolbar for this step), and then select your file.  When you import the data, it prompts you for a few things and lets you see what the data looks like with the options selected.  If they didn't do any formatting (not even commas that follow a pattern), then you may need to do some manipulation.  With thousands of records, that could really be a headache.

If that doesn't work, you might go back to the county, plead ignorance, and ask for it in a CSV file.

I'd be willing to take a look at it if you like.  I'm not working in MD, and even if I were, I promise not to copy the data.  :)  If I do look at it, I'll tell you if there's a quick way to do this.