TREC Contract help for free dinner

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NO takers yet?  Duuude!  If I had a little more time on my hands I'd do it...

However, I have a suggestion (or 2)...

Our website has a 4 hr "Contract Class" you can purchase ($49 I think) that goes over every part of the TREC contract...but, it is not the absolute most recent one. But, the primary things you need to know as an investor will likely be covered in that video. It was taught by a very experienced Broker in Tarrant County and Robin Carriger added comments from the investors' perspective in this video.

Another idea -

Come to one of our meetings (yes, there's a $20 cost if pre-register, or $25 if pay at the door, but it includes a great meeting and breakfast to boot!)  I can possibly take about 20-30 minutes away from the meeting to sit in the lobby with you to hit the highlights for you.  It might be good to connect with me prior to make sure there isn't any reason I can't step out with you for a bit. 

Our group's web address and My contact info are in my signature.  We meet in Hurst Tx. about 50 Saturdays per year.  If I don't respond in a timely manner, give me another shout - sometimes I overlook emails if I get in a hurry.  You can message me here, but I might miss it here as well - maybe try both!  You can text or call if my signature has my phone number (just wonder if I post it on this thread if I might get some unethical spammers)...

Good luck with your venture!
Cindy Carriger

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