Wholesaling - Signing a Purchase and Sale Agreement

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Hi my name is Javon. Im have a quick question when it comes to wholesaling. How do you communicate with the seller, bank or listing agent that your intentions are to sell the contract to another buyer? And do you do this before OR after you sign the Purchase and Sell Agreement?

@Javon Miner ,

You should be marketing directly to the home owners.  I wouldn't rely on going through banks or agents.

When talking to the owners, you need to be 100% honest with them.  Anytime you feel you're answer is something they don't want to hear, take a breath, suck it up, and be very clear and honest with them.  If you're goal is to deceive them, then you will, and probably should fail at doing this.

The benefit you offer to the seller is somewhat unique and applies to only about 5% of the sellers out there.  If you're services are not what they need, then they should be listing their property along with the other 95%.

@Javon Miner @Barry Pekin is correct you need to mail direct to the seller don't waste your time with working with Realtors or Banks. Realtors and Banks will require proof of funds and you would definitely have to disclose your intentions. Stick with dealing directly with the seller.