New to this app help me on maneuvering it

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I also have been doing wholesaling for three months now haven’t closed my first deal at the moment but looking for mentorship and tools and tips on moving In the right directions as well as how would anyone pull the public records from the tax assessors website I’m in the Las Vegas area as well if anyone wants to contact me.

There are lots of things you'll learn in watching youtube videos and following these vlogs of investors doing the wholesaling and other types of investing. For tools in your lead generation, there are lot of free tools you can make use in your marketing since you're just starting. You can try social media, connecting with other investors in some forums like here in Biggerpockets.. If you dont have a crm yet, build lists in google spreadsheet, pull out leads in public records like in county websites (divorce, code violation, probate) CL, Zillow, facebook marketplace, facebook groups, connect with investors in youtube, quora, create a facebook page to build your portfolio and will serve as your website for the people to visit what deals you have, what services you offer. Once you build your leads list, start cold calling them... then keep following them up..