How can I learn to wholesale and flip with no prior experience?

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Good day to everyone. I am trying to learn all I can about this industry. I’ve paid for online courses and all. But, I always reach a dead end in trying to find something concrete I have books on these things as well. Most of the time I try I come up short. So if you may please help me get my feet off the ground with any advice and pointing me in the right direction that would be a blessing. Thank you.

@Joshua Muse ,

If you've paid for various courses and books and such, it's impossible to know where you are right now.  You say you keep reaching a dead end, or that when you try you come up short.  But what have you tried?

Here's my tip.  If you have a good foundation of knowledge, (1) make sure you have the systems and team in place, and (2) start doing it and keep doing it.  When I was just starting, I felt like it someone said yes to me that I didn't know what to do.  Walk yourself through the process.  If you speak to someone and they agree to put their house under contract, what's your next step.  If you don't know that, figure it out.  If you know what it is, but don't know how to do it, figure it out.  If you know what it is and how to do it, but don't have the resources/team, then get those things in place.  Then move on.  What's the next step?

Above all else, remember that this is a service you're providing to a homeowner that needs your services.  Know what it is that you have to offer them.  If you don't know, figure it out.  If you're talking to someone that doesn't have a need for what you are able to do for them, then they shouldn't be doing business with you.  Point them in the best direction for their best outcome.

If you've read books and done courses and are back at step one, ask yourself why? Are you looking for someone to tell you what to do or you reluctant to start doing what the other things told you to do? If you want to learn about wholesaling and flipping, don't come to a forum and ask how to do it, search the forums and you will find 100,000 posts for new wholesalers and flippers.