Wholesaling in Portland, OR

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Hey guys! I’m a new investor in the Portland Oregon area. I’m currently interested in wholesaling as my investing strategy. I was able to skip trace a few properties driving for dollars last week. I noticed about half the properties were vacant, the other half were in pre foreclosure and a couple were going through divorce. I’m curious of these three types of properties, which would be best to pursue? I’m still dabbling and trying to find my niche so I’m not sure where to go from here. I would assume just pick up the phone and dial, but I was mainly looking for tips and validation that I’m at least headed in the right direction. Thank you for any input and feedback.

@Edward Escalante

Every one of them. Get on the phone, start talking to homeowners. The best thing you can do right now is take action. As you move forward you will develop a more refined strategy. 

Which service are you using for skiptracing?

@Edward Escalante

Interesting. We use Skip Genie. $99 a month for unlimited single skips and $0.19 per skip on bulk skips. They're pretty accurate as well. 

Hit me up if you ever need help on a deal or want to work together on a property. 

@Edward Escalante

Sounds like you found a few good ones to follow up on. Let me know how they go for you. I'm thinking of getting into wholesales in the area as well, but might get my real estate license first to avoid legal troubles. Do you have your license? I've heard a few debates in these forums that you need a real estate license because Oregon considers wholesaling "practicing real estate".

Connect with me if you want to shoot some ideas back and forth or want to work together on something!