North Carolina wholesaling

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I am growing a curiosity of real estate and would like to invest and grow a greater knowledge. Is getting your real estate license worth it? Is wholesaling a great start, if so how can I get started? And lastly is bird dogging, and wholesaling legal in North Carolina?

Many will give you poop here for suggesting starting with wholesaling.

Pay them no mind. Just realize this. 99% of the people here against wholesaling have no clue how to wholesale the right way. So again, pay them no mind.

I started with wholesaling, and now we make 6 figures a month flipping houses.

Don't bother asking people here if it is legal there. That is something you need to find out through the proper channels. If they give you advise and they are wrong, you are in trouble not them.

What ever you decide to do when it comes to investing, the one thing that truly matters is lead generation. Master lead gen, and you will master anything you decide to do as lead generation is the hardest part in this game.

@Haley McDowell

Hi Haley. I do not know the law here in North Carolina, but I do know several wholesalers here. I also know a real estate attorney who closes their deals. You don't have to start by wholesaling. I got started by moving out of the home I owned and renting it out. I currently have two long term rentals and three Airbnb homes. If you know very little about real estate, research some different strategies so you can pick something that fits your goals and that you will enjoy. If it's wholesaling, go for it. Good luck.