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Is there a way I can get the e-mail address or phone number of an absentee owner (or probate)? What are other ways I can contact them besides via snail mail? Thanks.

James -

"Snail mail" works great for both these niches; it is my best source of leads. I wouldn't recommend that you just start calling people up especially probates. Those folks are grieving. Your letter or postcard serves as an introduction. Real estate is about building relationships, not in your face sales tactics.


Hey @James Lee , I agree with Sharon. Send them a mail that you are interested to buy their property with your number on it so they call you. Direct Mailing is my top Marketing strategy, too.

@James Lee Very difficult to get the email address or phone numbers of absentee owners. I totally agree with Sharon and Mike. Targeted direct mail is my #1 deal source. Position yourself so motivated sellers find you off your marketing..

In 35 years of investing, 25 devoted exclusively to probates, I can tell you that I've only had two (2) people who seemed grief-stricken. It's always about stuff. Who gets what stuff, who's gonna pay for this, who's gonna deal with this stuff, etc.

I'm not at all suggesting anyone be insensitive. Merely, a week or two after death most surviving family members begin to explore their plans for making the adjustments needed and assessing what resources are required and similar thoughts.

Never send insincere condolence cards or sympathy notes. I suggest that after a couple of weeks it's ok to send a simple letter or card and offer to discuss options should they have an interest in selling or even just need help to find a particular service. No pressure.


You could always try to find absentee owners on whitepages (app right on my phone).. I've found that about 20% have their number listed on there.

But like Sharon said, they may not appreciate you just calling them out of nowhere. I've been sending out the mailers and then giving them a call about a week after.

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