Hello all, I am currently new to the Milwaukee area wholesaling scene, and I would like to ask others who are in the area about any methods (On-Market or Off) that have worked for you on securing deals that you can then present to your cash buyers.

I understand competition is pretty fierce in Milwaukee and it seems to be quite saturated with wholesalers, all of which can be quite intimidating. However the Milwaukee real estate community found here on BiggerPockets has provided me with a great, positive sense of comradery and community. It brings me much happiness seeing other wholesalers on here helping each other out.

So far I have been talking with agents about properties listed on the MLS, crunching the numbers, and making reasonable offers with enough spread for every party involved.

I want to improve the public image of wholesalers locally, by adhering to a strong code of ethics and providing solutions to people who need it.

Any advice and/or tips on how to secure my first Milwaukee contract, and how I can swiftly get it to cash buyers in need. Is EXTRAORDINARILY appreciated, I can’t sleep or eat until I get this deal!! Haha!