So we have a deal that is tied up in litigation; basically we have the winning bid, trying to get rid of the bid for $425,000 and ARV is 560,000-600,000, so a completely flippable/BRRRable deal for the NYC market. Property is currently in outstanding shape and the only repair item needed when we placed the winning bid was a cracked sidewalk.

Problem now is that the old owners have taken possession and have appealed their foreclosure, a case which they very recently lost. Given that they are probably going to hang on to this thing until the very end, this can take a while. We are no longer interested in waiting out the deal and we want some opinions on how to go about marketing this deal - who should we be trying to sell this to. The ideal buyer would need to be someone who doesn't mind waiting a year to close and have a really good deal on their hands, but from what I understand wholesalers tend to work on volume and moving quickly, and end-users are not going to want to wait this out. Are there any specialized companies that would buy something like this? Any PE funds I can reach out to and say hey do you want to buy this?