Wholesale Deals-New Jersey- Tips

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Hello! I’m looking to get my first wholesale deal in the books. I’m located in South Jersey. So essentially I’m seeking locals, or who investors have wholesaled in South Jersey in the area with general knowledge that can help out! Getting the right contracts, laws, dos and donts, the right steps etc.

I’m new to biggerpockets so I apologize if my profile seems bare with no pictures or info! I would love to chat more though! Thank you for reading 😁


Ask yourself all of these questions and see if they match up with being ready to get your first wholesale deal in the books.

- Why do you want to wholesale properties?
- Do you know how to explain the assignment process?
- Do you have any experience evaluating rehab prices and repairs at all? If not, how are you going to do that?
- Do you have MLS access or an agent who will run comps for you ASAP? If not, how are you going to judge ARV?
- Do you attend local REI events and do you know potential local buyers and sellers and investors already?
- What's your marketing spend? What's your marketing?
- Do you have money of your own or a partner to close the assignment if you can't find an end buyer?

This should get you started.