New investor trying to connect with other investors

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Hey guys !, I’m a new investor on the east coast of the state trying to connect with other investors to discuss we’re guys are investing and what method you guys are using. 

Thanks !

@Javon Thomas Hi Javon, I’m a fairly new investor, 2 years currently. I’ve got 10 doors and looking to add more. I am looking at two properties Tuesday morning.

I’m always happy to chat, give my best advice for what it’s worth which probably isn’t much, haha.

Hi ! Thanks for responding. I'm trying to get my foot in the door I'm debating on which method should I use Im right now reading the BRRRR book and I'm honestly leaning towards that. What Method you used getting your 10doors and also congrats on the 10 doors !! Btw !

Hey Javon, that's exciting to start a new endeavor. In order to receive great value on bigger pockets I would suggest asking specific questions that you are running into. I post on here quite often and have found it always hard to give generalized ideas of what's working and what is not. I think specifics would give you more value. Hope this helps. DM me if you got any other questions.